60 Avenue Louis-Casaï,
1216 Cointrin-Suisse


Iranian Feast - A Rich Symphony of Flavors!

Royal's manifest

Introducing the world to the timeless tradition of Iranian cuisine, we ensure every dish narrates the rich cultural tapestry of our heritage

Iranian Grills

  • Assiette de Kebab MIXTE (2 PERSONNES)
    Two skewers of minced lamb, one chicken breast skewer and one lamb fillet skewer, served with 3 different kinds of Persian rice
  • Assiette de Kebab MIXTE (3 PERSONNES)
    Three skewers of minced lamb, two chicken breast skewers and a lamb fillet skewer, served with 3 different kinds of Persian rice
  • Assiette de Kebab MIXTE (4 PERSONNES)
    Four skewers of minced lamb, 3 chicken breast skewers and two lamb fillet skewers, served with 3 different kinds of Persian rice

Iranian traditional

  • Loubia polo
    Persian rice with fresh green beans, minced meat, tomato and onion sauce, served with Masto Moussir (cold starter)
  • Zereshkpolo Ba Mahitcheh
    Seasoned lamb shank, served with Persian rice mixed with barberry
  • Sabzipolo Ba Mahi
    Persian rice with chopped herbs and saffron, served with marinated fillet of white fish

Hot and Cold Starters

  • Mirza Ghassemi
    Grilled eggplant, tomato sauce, egg, garlic
  • Falafel (4 pièces)
    Grape leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, parsley, lemons, onions
  • Salade Shirazi
    Cucumber, tomato, onion, lemon juice


Flavor Palette

The flavor palette at Restaurant Royal is unparalleled, every dish has been a delightful journey through the culinary traditions of Iran. I am particularly in love with their Fesenjan, it was divine! Plus, the level of service is outstanding, and the vibrant atmosphere makes it a feast for all the senses. Looking forward to my next visit!

William, L.

Tastes of Iran

The tastes of Iran came alive on my plate at Restaurant Royal! Every dish was a mouth-watering celebration of spices and tradition. The warm, friendly service made the evening even more enjoyable, and the beautifully designed space added a sense of intimacy and luxury to our meal. This is what dining out should always feel like!

Sophia, P.

Iranian food

Restaurant Royal is my go-to for Iranian food now. The taste of their Ghormeh Sabzi took me back to my grandmother's kitchen. The courteous staff is well trained and always on their toes to ensure a wonderful dining experience. Add to this the chic, Persian-inspired decor - dining here is nothing short of a royal treat!

Farah, A.

Rich Iranian Heritage

At Restaurant Royal, every bite tells a story of rich Iranian heritage. The flavors dance on your palate with a delightful harmony that's hard to forget. I was also incredibly impressed with the courteous staff and their excellent knowledge of the menu. The interior decor perfectly complements the whole experience, offering an ambiance that's both inviting and culturally immersive.

Jacob, M.

Iranian Cuisine

Restaurant Royal is a culinary paradise! I savored the flavors of the most authentic Iranian cuisine, each dish was a gastronomic masterpiece. The servers were so warm and attentive, it felt like a dinner at a friend's place. The atmosphere transports you straight to the heart of Persia. This restaurant is a must-visit!

Emma, J.